FAQ Prospective and Current Students – Incomings – Outgoings

FAQ Prospective Students

Is an application still possible?

Yes, online application for the coming academic year is still possible without restrictions at bewerbung.fh-ooe.at.

What are the entrance examinations like? How does the further application process work?

According to the current state of information, it is at the discretion of the respective degree programme to conduct online entrance examinations. There will be no potential tests with attendance up to and including 30.04. Please keep up to date on our website or ask the respective course assistant about the further procedure.

Will the application deadline be extended?

If there is a need for action due to the postponement of the school leaving certificate/B-Levels, it will be extended. At the moment, the application deadline is still 30 June.

Will there be an alternative date for the cancelled Open House date?

We are currently trying to find an alternative solution and will inform you about this shortly on our website or on all our online channels. For questions about our study degree programmes and our schools, we offer a student advisory service by e-mail until further notice.

FAQ Current Students

When does the FH Upper Austria start again?

The FH Upper Austria intends to gradually move towards normal operation from Monday, 4 May 2020.

General rule: a mouth and nose mask must be worn if there is more than 1 person in the room when presence is absolutely necessary at the locations. This protection must be provided in an adequate form by the participants themselves.

The following general conditions must be observed:

  • Whatever can be handled in the form of distance learning must be carried out in this way.
  • If attendance courses are absolutely necessary, they are to be postponed – as far as possible and reasonable – and, where possible, into higher semesters.
  • Courses that cannot be substituted can be offered from May onwards under the guidelines:
    • large rooms
    • keep distance
    • use of a mouth and nose protection mask
    • avoidance of close social contacts (no shaking hands etc.)
    • observance of personal hygiene requirements

The deans are authorised to implement a limited presence service from May onwards – in compliance with the above-mentioned requirements.

Does the compulsory attendance also apply to a virtual lecture?

Basically, the same applies to virtual lectures as to attendance lectures. If you are unsure, please ask your course leaders whether it is possible to make up for the online lecture at a later date. If the stream should not function for technical reasons, report this to your course leader. If technical problems occur in general, please contact the key users or IT.

How can I access the library from home?

Many of our electronic media can be conveniently accessed remotely when researching via „Catalogue plus“ by using appropriately adapted links: tinyurl.com/skmdzg9. Access to other online libraries will also be added to the database in the coming days. Linde Digital offers another service. Here you can simply register with your FH Upper Austria access data at www.lindedigital.at and log in by clicking on „Register with institution“.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues at the FH Upper Austrian locations. They are still available by e-mail.

Hagenberg: bibliothek@fh-hagenberg.at

Linz: bibliothek@fh-linz.at

Steyr: bibliothek@fh-steyr.at

Wels: bibliothek@fh-wels.at

Will the deadlines for Bachelor and Master theses remain the same?

In principle, no changes in the deadlines are planned at present. If it is not possible to complete the Bachelor’s/Master’s thesis by the end of August, you can revise the topic in consultation with your supervisor (e.g. reduction of the scope, deletion of individual research questions, change of topic, etc.). Please contact your supervisor in this regard.

Can the Bachelor’s/Master’s exams be held this summer as planned?

Every effort will be made to ensure that the Bachelor and Master examinations can take place as planned. This topic will also be discussed in the next meeting of the academic council next week. Please be patient for a little longer. We will keep you informed about this via our website/social media channels.

Can my exam take place as planned?

The course leaders now have the possibility to change the examination modalities, e.g. instead of a lecture exam a seminar paper can be used as a basis for evaluation. However, examinations must be completed by the end of the semester at the latest. Please inquire with the respective course leader in which form and/or when the examination is held.

Commission examinations can be held virtually with image transmission using the platform Microsoft-Teams. There are no presence exams at all our locations up to and including 13.04.

FAQ Incomings

Study in Upper Austria current semester

All incoming exchange students have been contacted by the International Office of the according campus with updates about the current situation. Students should follow the advice of their home institutions and can either leave or stay in Upper Austria, both decisions are supported by FH Upper Austria. The according International Office at FH Upper Austria needs to be informed about all decisions and questions regarding the current situation.

Short & summer programmes in Upper Austria

As of today, the following events have been cancelled: Staff Training Week (April 27-30, 2020), Hidden Business Champions (June 27 – July 11, 2020), International Days in Social Work (May 25-29, 2020). Alternative dates will be published at the according webpages.

The following events are still scheduled, subject to changes due to current developments:

  • Summer School on Collaboration and Visualization in Mixed Reality (July 6-11, 2020)
  • International Summer Academy in Engineering for Women ISAE4W (July 14-29, 2020)

Study in Upper Austria fall 2020

If you wish to come to Upper Austria on exchange for one semester or year in fall 2020 or later, please contact the International Office of your home institutions. We are currently accepting nominations and applications from students from partner institutions. Should the global situation not allow international travel until fall 2020 or later, we will be in contact with all students to find alternatives.

FAQ Outgoings

Stays Abroad current semester

FH Upper Austria students who are currently (summer semester 2020) studying or doing an internship abroad have been informed about the regulations and recommendation of the Austrian Ministry for European and International Affairs by their according International Office. The Ministry strongly advises to cancel any ongoing stays abroad and return to Austria. Upcoming stays should be shifted until the situation eases. Options on how to return to Austria can be clarified individually via https://heimflug.austrian.com/.

Study Abroad in fall 2020

Currently all international activities are rather unpredictable. However, assuming the situation will ease until August, semesters abroad for winter semester 2020/21 are currently being prepared in coordination and accordance with the students and considering recommendations of partner institutions and Ministries to avoid unnecessary risks. Students will be kept up to date by the according International Office.